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AC & DC Motor Repair Service

  • Full Service Motor Facility
  • Repair and remanufacture all AC / DC Motors up to 250 HP
  • Remanufacture Servo and Spindle winding up to 220 KW.
  • Winding Encapsulation — a two part epoxy and insulation system that prevents from severe atmospheric conditions, corrosion and coolant contamination
  • Brake and clutch coil winding
  • Complete in house service

How it works?

There's a detailed description.

  1. Customer sends us the request for quotation (RFQ)
  2. We getting the motor in the shop.
  3. Evaluation (test winding, includes the surge test, DC hi pot, resistance, polarity, rotation and amps.
  4. We send the quote to the customer.
  5. Upon customer approval the repair process begins.
  6. Document all winding data (this includes coil dimensions, core dimensions, winding resistance, groups, pitch, turns, wire size, and connection).
  7. The old winding is safely stripped with a hydraulic coil puller and a combination of gas and oxygen to soften the winding without damaging the stator core from overheating (unlike burn out ovens).
  8. Remove insulation from core.
  9. Clean stator and wash in solvent.
  10. Bake overnight to remove any contamination.
  11. Check for any burrs, misaligned or damaged laminations
  12. Insulate stator with Nomex® paper.
  13. Make coils in our sematic winding machine for consistent and accurate resistance in every winding.
  14. Insert coils by hand by our highly skilled winders.
  15. Test motor for appropriate resistance. (we only allow 1% to 4% difference between phases).
  16. Preheat stator.
  17. Dip or encapsulate depending on the customer's request.
  18. Bake overnight.
  19. Clean and test.
  20. Create winding test report.
  21. Final assembly.
  22. Shipping.

Note: Replacement coils are wound in-house and then installed in the stator with the highest quality insulation. After installing the new coils, the stator is dipped and baked or VPI'd. All stators over 50 HP are VPI'd as standard procedure. The stator is re-tested and hi-pot tested at full voltage on our BEM Test Center. This includes core loss testing.


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